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The International Festival of Short Fiction Films - Closed

The APICA, an association for the promotion of images, creation, and the arts, based in French Polynesia organizes from November 8th to 16th, 2014 the second edition of the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des îles, in Papeete, Tahiti (French Polynesia).

The perspective of island directors at the heart of the “Courts des îles” Festival

The APICA wishes to highlight island sensitivities from all over the world through their audiovisual and cinematic creations, by gathering them around a unique event: The International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World, Courts des îles.

From Java to Madagascar, from Iceland to New Zealand, from the Bahamas to Guadeloupe, from Hawaii to Tasmania… Courts des îles hopes to be an open window on island cultures, singular of pluralistic, a link between these young creators, directors from the islands of the world who tell us their stories.

Celebrating the islands of the world through a specific form of expression: short fiction films

A space for creation, experimentation, a genuine springboard for young creators, but also a formidable means to develop personal projects, short fiction films are pregnant with promise for film production worldwide, and generate great interest today from the public as well as broadcasters.

The Courts des îles Festival explores the richness, the diversity, and the uniqueness of island authors and directors’ imagination through this specific form of expression, in a different way than documentaries, which are more anchored in the real world.

A place of discovery and sharing around island creativity

A veritable journey around the world of island creativity: from Europe to Asia, from America to Oceania, and through Africa, Courts des îles is also a place of exchange and sharing for festival attendees, who will be able to contrast their experiences, their points of mutual interest, and their differences during workshops, round tables, and conferences organized around the themes of screenwriting, directing, and producing short fiction films.

Beyond the screening of short fiction films from the islands of the world, the Courts des îles Festival will give pride of place to a different island every year through the best short films that are produced there. For this second edition, New Zealand will be the guest of honor of the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World.

Entering the “Courts des îles” Festival

Only a film whose director was born on an island may be in competition at the Courts des îles Festival. Registrations for the competition can be made on the,,, or website, and by post, until October 12th, 2014, at midnight. Registered films will be shown to a pre-selection committee, who will determine which films are selected. Titles of films entered into the competition will be revealed on October 27th, 2014.

Films in competition will be submitted to a vote by the public, for the length of the Festival, from November 8th to 16th, 2014, and by a jury made up of professionals from the audiovisual sector and the international film industry. Five prizes, representing a total amount of 18,675 Euros (international flights for stranger competitors included), will be awarded:

  • the “Courts des îles” Grand Prix,
  • the “Courts des îles” Best Screenplay Prize,
  • the “Courts des îles” Coup de coeur Prize.
  • the “Courts des îles” First film Prize.
  • the Courts des îles” Audience Award.

The Awards Ceremony, during which the winners are announced, will be held on November 15th, 2014.

To be eligible for the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World, Courts des îles, your film must comply with the following criteria:

  • made by a director born on an island*1,
  • not exceeding 20 minutes, credits included,
  • displaying the characteristics of a fiction or animation short film,
  • shot in HD (1,920 x 1,080, minimum),
  • respecting applicable legislation concerning authorship rights and intellectual property rights,
  • the version delivered must be in French or in Englishr*2, or in either one with subtitles in the other.

*1 By “island”, the APICA, organizers of the event, understand a territory:

  • of at least 1 km²,
  • inhabited by at least 50 permanent residents,
  • not linked to a continent by a permanent natural structure,
  • separated from a continent by a stretch of water at least 1 km in length.

*2 French subtitles for original versions other than French is highly recommended but not mandatory.

For movies wishing to compete for the ” First movies ” Courts des îles prize, the director of the work must have realized no more than two movies submitted to an international festival of short films of fiction. The works produced within the framework of a school or of a formation can compete to the ” First movies ” Courts des îles prize.

Entry into the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World is free. There is no set theme. The deadline for submissions is October 12th, 2014, at midnight, as evidenced by the postmark.

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