The TOP 100 highly costly keywords in the UK

The TOP 100 highly costly keywords in the UK - Closed

 Once upon a time, around 2003, some person asked this question about paid search: "Do you have any idea which is the costliest keyword on Google Adwords, and the amount it costs?" 


I came up with a bundle of guesses, slowly raising the amount --I thought it may be adequate to pay --each time some person clicks on an ad. £Twenty? No? £Thirty? Most likely not! 


The fabulous disclosure was that I was terribly wrong, and that a few advertisers were paying "approx. £Seventy a click" for the label 'mesothelioma', a kinda of cancer related with subjection to asbestos. It was suddenly clear that legitimate companies would spend that sort of cash since they were chasing for expensive compensation lawsuits.

 Move forward to the current times and I felt amazed how things had changed, as Google's incomes have snowballed to over $Sixty-seven billion worldwide & keyword inflation is a major ordeal in a great deal of sectors.

 The great guys at SEMrush furnished me with a colossal rundown of the most costly keywords in five nations, and for my first bit of exploration I've concentrated on the UK. 


I had two-thousand keywords to review (from its database of Twelve million in the United Kingdom) & following are the top results…




Betting rules


Wagering related terms represent Seventy-seven out of the one hundred costliest keywords, & Twenty-two out of the TOP Twenty-five. How Google should hope that online betting gets to be legal in the United States!


Price parameters 


The most costly phrase was priced at £148.51, and that phrase was: 'play live blackjack'. The least costly in the top 500 was priced at £54.92. 

Grammatical errors

 3 of the top 25 target persons who cannot spell 'roulette'. Grammatical errors are frequently noticed in the top 500 results, and past.


Search volume 


The Top five-hundred terms constitute 217,530 monthly searches. That is over 2.6m yearly searches. Keep in mind that the long tail is really, really long…


Max spend opportunity 


And in addition taking a gander at keyword prices I figured the max. possible spend, by multiplying Cost-per-click with search volume.


There are approx. 3.6m yearly searches on the phrase 'casino', & with a mean CPC of £70.40 gaming companies could spend around £Twenty-seven million on just that keyword (presuming the incomprehensible – a 100% click rate). 


6 Sectors spend huge cash


Besides betting, there are 4 more sectors that show up in the TOP 100. Organizations in these categories require a fat purse to purchase ads on Google. They are as per the following:


    Technology [10/100]

    Finance [8/100]

    Legal [3/100]

    B2B [2/100]


Among the TOP 500 costliest keywords we additionally notice a few Health related labels, however, no mention of "mesothelioma" in the United Kingdom (it retains its position as no. 1 costliest keyword in the US). 

How about we take a gander at the top keywords over these sectors… 

Red Flags 

The SEMrush data is gotten from an assortment of openly accessible and inside sources which makes it remarkable, yet at the same time fundamentally the same as authoritative sources, for example, Keyword Planner. The prices displayed are averages. Prices paid may be different, as advertisers pay-up diverse prices at diverse times of the data. 

Anyway, these prices are surely demonstrative of the amounts advertisers will pay to draw in new customers by means of Google. This will show you the expensiveness of the keywords. To maintain and mange these keywords you need to hire a White Label PPC management agency.

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