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  • Writer's Cramp Feature Screening
    Writer's Cramp Feature Screening
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Scott and Amy, an overly imaginative husband and wife pair of would-be-writers, are living off the waning generosity of Scott's wealthy father. When he threatens to cut them off, they hatch a plan to commit the perfect murder and collect Daddy's inheritance. Unfortunately for the bumbling couple, their efforts are discovered by Amy's mischievous pre-teen niece and nephew. The ineptitude of the adu...
  • Mr. Thunderbird In Rod We Trust
    Mr. Thunderbird In Rod We Trust
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    A short documentary about the beloved MN landmark known as the Thunderbird Hotel, and the man who created & ran it for 42 years.
  • Is This Heaven?
    Is This Heaven?
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Good enough for the Hall of Fame but without a headstone, Pete Hill has been nearly forgotten. Piecing together his story uncovers injustice, struggle, and one of the greatest ballplayers of all time. “Is This Heaven?” is the most complete telling of Pete Hill's life and storied baseball career in the Negro leagues. It's a full length documentary that will shed light on an amazing ballplayer w...
  • 2016 FROZEN Film Festival
    2016 FROZEN Film Festival
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Presented by the St. Paul Film Festival as an official event of the St. Paul Winter Carnival (, "FFF" will take place February 5-7, 2016. It will be a celebration of independent film created by filmmakers from around the world, held in North America's most romantic city, ST. PAUL, MN as a 2016 addition to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and a winter version of th...
  • BarStudy
    Posted by : Raghav
    The only thing that fascinates Rob in this world is people. Things go crazy when his fascination with people will put him under circumstances where he might end up killing somebody.
    Posted by : Benjamin Watkins
    SHOOTER follows Sam, a news cameraman, as he covers a story about the accidental killing of a young girl. When Renee, a news anchor, sees the opportunity to get a once-in-a-lifetime coverage of the scene, she persuades Sam to cross a line both ethically and morally. This choice haunts him as events reveal to Sam his callused heart. Sam must make a decision whether or not to air the footage. Knowin...
    Posted by : Alvin
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  • Wildlike
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. She longs for her struggling, absent mother, but as her mom’s phone calls become less frequent and her uncle’s care is not what it seems, she must flee. Her only thoughts are to escape her uncle’s grasp and contact her mother somehow, but as she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior she is sud...
  • American Cheerleader
    American Cheerleader
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Set in the competitive world of cheerleading, AMERICAN CHEERLEADER follows the journey of two high school teams vying for the coveted National High School Cheerleading Championship. Overcoming challenges through discipline, dedication and teamwork, twelve girls from New Jersey and twelve girls from Kentucky redefine what it means to be an American cheerleader.
  • Flyway
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    A coming-of-age, adventure story. An unusual package shows up on Jackson's doorstep. The contents send him and his friends on an incredible adventure!
  • Valiant
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Three wanted air pirates embark on a dangerous quest after after discovering a lost child princess who may hold the ticket to their freedom
  • The Problem Y
    The Problem Y
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Three old friends reunite for a trip to their high school reunion but when thrown wildly off course are forced to confront their lives' failures and discover the choices they must make to persevere.
  • Birthday Boy (Short Horror/Thriller Series)
    Birthday Boy (Short Horror/Thriller Series)
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    "Birthday Boy" is the story of an 8 year old Jeremy Finkle, who is having the worst birthday of his life, after killing all of his friends. Jeremy learns that hating everyone isn't all that it's cracked up to be, when he tries to make new friends out of cookies.
  • Substance
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    One evening, a young woman goes home. She decides to take a bath but this relaxing moment turns into nightmare.
  • Down My Neck - (Short Horror/Thriller Series)
    Down My Neck - (Short Horror/Thriller Series)
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Sam captures more than she intends when taking photographs at an old cemetery.
  • Laughing Out Loud (Comedy Shorts Series)
    Laughing Out Loud (Comedy Shorts Series)
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    A woman, completely immersed in all forms of electronic social networking, is thrown into a situation where she only gets one last chance to send one last text message to one last person.
  • A Noble Quest (Comedy Shorts Series)
    A Noble Quest (Comedy Shorts Series)
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Two late bloomers take a break from reanimating a chipmunk brain, so they can go on a quest to find the Applebee's waitress that came to them in a dream.
  • Snail Mail
    Snail Mail
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    Jordan waits for a letter from a woman he met across the sea.
  • The Man From Palmdale
    The Man From Palmdale
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    A drifter with a violent past comes to the city to kill somebody for money. On his way to do it, a young woman crashes into his life, giving him the choice - to continue on this path of self destruction or leave it all behind and start again.
  • The Place Where You Live (Sci-Fi Series)
    The Place Where You Live (Sci-Fi Series)
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    A professor of physics is abducted by her counterpart from an alternate dimension--one where her husband has died. Replaced by her doppelganger, she struggles to rebuild the machine and reopen the gateway between worlds to regain the life that should be hers.