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Courts des îles Festival
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Experience :  The APICA is a non-profit organization under French law (1901 Act), gathering volunteers around non-profit objectives. The Association for the Promotion of Images, Creation and the Arts in French Polynesia, strives to support, value, and promote authors, artists, directors, creative people, whether young or established, emerging talents, and the distribution of their work, in whatever form or media, through all kinds of actions it deems necessary in French Polynesia and throughout the World, but more specifically through the following: the organization of events of a cultural and artistic nature, particularly audiovisual, cinematic, and literary, in any form (festivals, forums, encounters, seminars, round tables, etc.), the organization of educational events: courses, workshops, etc., the organization of support operations, training courses, and aid programs for creation, the organization of competitions in the areas of cultural, artistic, photographic, audiovisual, cinematic, literary, digital creation, and more.., the distribution of audiovisual or cinematic works through non-commercial screenings (whether or not free of charge), in all kinds of places (open air, schools and universities, multimedia libraries, cinemas, theaters, etc.), the implementation of any communication and publication tool: print, photography, digital, audiovisual, audio, etc., the use of new means of communication, especially digital ones: mobile devices, Internet, pads, social networks, transmedia, etc., And more generally, the conception, organization, and implementation of any action allowing the fulfillment of its objectives. Since 2012, the APICA organizes the Vini film festival on Tntv, for short films shot using a mobile phone, a smartphone, or a tablet.
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